Build Your Dream Home?

Oregon Dream HomeLet’s address some of the barriers that I see many potential new home owners face when they’re considering hiring a custom home builder to build their new home. We are home builders in the Bend, Oregon area and in the Bend area we have a fantastic, booming market, in fact there is a housing shortage. Let me address the housing shortage, I’ll be brief. I promise.

Bend, Oregon and the surrounding areas like Redmond, Oregon are an absolutely fantastic place to live, the communities are alive and thriving, the world just feels alive, the natural environment that you have access to when living in Bend is hard to top anywhere else in the United States and because of this, we have a lot of people moving to Bend and the Bend area and they’re buying up every house they can get their hands on, and this is the root of the housing shortage.

One of the reasons we relocated our custom home building company from the Syracuse, NY area to the Bend, Oregon area was because of the nature & community but also because the Clients we work with on the West Coast have a much more creative and imaginative vision for their custom built dream homes. We love building the best homes and we love living in Bend.



  • Finances: Building a custom home seems like it would cost too much money, you might think it is cheaper to buy a pre-existing home. You can certainly get a home for a little bit less than a new construction custom built home but for it truly works out to about the same cost per square foot as buying a pre-existing house. So why not buy a custom home? We can’t charge more than the market will bare and believe it or not, the cost between a brand new home per square ft in Bend, Oregon and a pre-existing home in Bend, Oregon are very close.


  • Time: You’re looking to move now and you think a custom home can take years to build! If you’re having a custom mansion built with imported stone from Italy then maybe it will take years but most of the custom home builds we do in Redmond, Oregon and Bend, Oregon only take 3 to 3 1/2 months from the time we dig the ground.


  • Complications: If you’re using a different company, I can’t attest to their processes but it certainly can be a difficult and stressful process. We understand the amount of stress that goes into building a custom home and we work very diligently to remove this stress from the process. Feel free to ask for a demo of the processes we have in place to make this process incredibly simply for our clients.